The Team Liaison provides an invaluable link between Sports Boosters, the parents and the coaches. Each team must designate a Team Liaison or two or three depending on the team size and sport (Boys, Girls, Varsity, JV, etc.)

Team Liaisons are the team representatives at the Sports Boosters meetings and they are responsible for ensuring all pertinent information is shared between the parents, coaches and the Sports Boosters.

Team Liaison Responsibilities:

- Attend ALL Sports Boosters Meetings or send another parent in your place. Meetings are held monthly year round so liaisons should attend even when their sport IS NOT in season.

- Communicate with the Boosters Liaison Lead any team specific questions or concerns.

- Share any applicable information from the meetings and Liaison Lead with parents and coaches.

- Help to recruit needed parent volunteers for Sports Boosters sponsored activities and events.

- Football snack shack, flea market, Sports Banquet, Crab Feed, and other misc. events.

- Support fundraising activities sponsored by the Boosters by encouraging ticket sales, providing raffle baskets and/or donations as requested.

- Become familiar with and encourage parents of athletes to visit to see volunteer opportunities, make donations, or see how else to get involved.

- Encourage parents to visit the Braham HS website/ Athletic Department-

- Use the QR code below to join the Band App for Liaison communication.


About Us

The Branham Sports Boosters is an organization composed of volunteer parents, coaches and staff designed to promote school spirit and community through awareness and participation in the athletic program.

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