Helpful Information

Helpful Information and Reminders

- The second gate on the Branham side (the one to the parking lot, not the loop) will be closed but unlocked first thing in the morning for volunteers to enter. When volunteers arrive, they should park and find a booster rep/coordinator to get their instructions. 

- All volunteers, Branham students, visitors, and shoppers should park in the first half of the parking lot toward the tennis courts. The vendors set up in the spots in the half closer to Branham Ln. The “line” to mark which side to park on is the second of the three crosswalks that go through the parking lot. Please do not park in the loop or in any red zone. Venders are to either park in their paid spaces or off campus.

- Boosters will provide tables, pop up tents, cash boxes, items needed for grilling, coolers, ice, price sheets, dry erase board/markers, napkins, coffee cups, gloves, and lysol wipes. 

- Your athletes can bring a cart around to sell items from your table or BBQ, which a lot of the vendors appreciate when they can’t leave their booth. We recommend that you bring some kind of wagon to use. We do have a cart, but it’s rather big and bulky, and gets difficult to maneuver through the lot.

- Your team can also gather donated items to sell (garage sale style) if you would like, and have your own booth at the market. This booth is always free to the teams, even on months that you are not assigned to the market, and the profits are all directly yours. If you would like to do this, please let the coordinator know by the evening before the market.  Also, If you do decide to have a booth, please keep in mind that those people running the booth should be ADDITIONAL volunteers. 

- The weather changes throughout the day, especially during the spring and early fall. It is quite chilly in the morning, and gets warmer throughout the day. Check the weather and dress in layers if needed! And don’t forget sunscreen!

- Show off your Branham pride! Wear your Branham gear.

- Have fun!! This is an opportunity for your team to work and earn some money, but also to get together and enjoy the day!