Sports Team Guidelines

Team Responsibilites and Sign Up Information

Guidelines for Flea Market Volunteers 

(Team Responsibilities) 

Flea Market Coordinators:   Sports Boosters President:

Chris Bandanza   669-332-7256 c Renee McAllister   408-828-8109 c

Darci Hill          408-705-3425 c 


Please provide Sports Booster Coordinators with your Coach’s or Lead Parent's CELL PHONE #

The duties of the sports team that is running the Flea Market include: 

As a suggestion, athletes and parents may want to utilize this opportunity to make even

greater profits from this effort by selling items themselves by setting up their own space. 

A great idea is to select a theme, like sports equipment, or furniture, or knick-knacks so you don’t end up with a lot of stuff nobody wants. The $20 space (2 stall) fee will be waived.

Baked goods…. The team can keep 100% of the proceeds! The baked goods & donut monies cannot be combined with the regular food sales. If at any point this should happen, then all monies will be divided equally between the Boosters and Sport Team working that day.


Team Volunteer Sign Up sheets