Branham Sports Boosters

What is Branham Sports Boosters?

The Branham Sports Boosters is an organization comprised of volunteer parents, coaches and staff designed to promote school spirit and community through awareness and participation in the athletic program.

Our primary purpose is to raise funds that can be used to enhance the existing program offered by the school. 

At each general meeting committee heads communicate and review information with the group. This includes budget items, purchase requests from coaches, and organizing future events. Each team should have at least one liaison attend the Booster meetings and communicate information back to the coach and parents.

Are you interested in participating in the BHS Sports Boosters board? 

Do you know someone who does or have a parent on your team looking to get more involved? 

If so, please fill out this form by the end of the month. 

We will be reviewing nominations for next year's board 

at our April meeting on April 3rd, 7pm in room 7.